Do it yourself hair colour

Do it yourself hair colour

We’re all missing the salon a lot at this point, and our hair might be showing it. If you’re in desperate need of a colour, want a bit of a pick me or just want to try something new, learning how to dye your hair at home is the answer.

Doing a hair colour is nothing to be afraid of! So long as you’ve got the right materials and follow these tips, you’ll walk away from this feeling amazing.

Before we begin, I’ll mention that I highly recommend getting in touch with your regular hair stylist to see if you can pick up/get dropped off your hair colour.

This will ensure the best colour match of course, plus, your stylist would love to hear from you. 

What you’ll need:

  • An old t-shirt (something that is okay to get messy/stained) 
  • Hair Colour 
  • Disposable gloves 
  • Colour Applicator Brush 
  • Bowl to mix colour 
  • Whisk or something to mix colour 
  • A handheld mirror + big mirror to sit in front of 
  • Brush 
  • Disposable plate or hair colour bottle 
  • Clips to keep hair in place
  • Timer 
  • Paper towel/old towels or rags 
  • Cleaning product for your bathroom 

When it’s time to dye, you’ll want to have your space set up with all of the things on your checklist so you’re not scrambling to find things when the dye is already on! 

Pro tip: if you drop any hair colour on the counter tops or floor during the process, pause for a moment and use your cleaning product and deal with it as soon as possible. Hair dye stains! 

To avoid stains on your skin, especially if you’re using a dark hair dye, you can apply a thin layer of conditioner as a barrier. 

Step One 

Mix your product in the bowl and place it on your plate or put into your dye bottle. I prefer the plate and bowl method (especially for the front of the hair).  but if you’re using the bottle, try to squeeze slowly and carefully to nott apply too much product. 

 Next , put on your gloves and sub-section your hair. I recommend centre parting your hair and then grabbing a 3 inch section on either side, clipping the rest out of the way. Apply product close to the scalp through your first few sections, then using the tail of your comb or product brush to continue exposing new roots. 

Things to remember 

  • to reduce breakage, it’s really important not to overlap your product
  • If any of your product does overlap, use a paper towel to wipe it off right away 
  • Be careful not to apply too much product on your brush to avoid dripping 
  • Try to apply your product in the direction of your hair to avoid mess 

Step Two 

Once you’ve finished the front of your hair, it’s time to move on the back. Remember, no one sees the back of your head in a zoom meeting, so it’s okay if you make a few mistakes! Try your best to move slowly though, and to take shorts breaks if your shoulders are hurting. Keep your hand held mirror handy when working at the back of the head and try to keep your sections small. Your clips are your friends here, use them to keep your sections clean. 

I recommend starting at the crown of the head first. Then, centre part the back of your hair and pin one side out of the way. Then work from the top layer of hair through one small layer at a time on one side, then move onto the other side. 

Step 3

When the hair colour has been applied everywhere, remove any additional clips or pins and then add a bit more product to any tough grey spots you might have missed. Start a timer for 45-minutes and use this time to clean your area. 

Step 4

Once your timer has gone off, it’s times to rinse and shampoo. Make sure your hair is running through clear before you add any shampoo or conditioner, and try to keep the product running off your hair away from your eyes. Apply your favourite shampoo and conditioner the way that you normally would. 


Of course, this DIY touch up job won't replace your hairdresser, but it should get you by until it’s safe to see each other again! 



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