How to clean your hair brush for healthy lush hair

How to clean your hair brush for healthy lush hair

Your favourite hairbrush is begging for a deep clean- and throwing it into the dishwasher isn’t an option to do that!

Like all of your other beauty tools, your hair brushes need to be cleaned. Over time they not only collect hair but also product residue and dead skin cells.

Without a good clean, you risk putting all of that junk right back onto your freshly washed hair. Let’s fix that! 

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need: A Brush Rake

There’s one tool that’s entered the market that has changed the game for hairdressers and expert hairstylists, and now we’re letting our clients in on the secret. A brush rake is a simple-to-use, easy-to-care-for, and incredibly effective way to clean all kinds of brushes, from round to paddle style. 

You can see my go-to brush rake here and buy one for yourself to make maintenance a breeze. 

Before the rake, the only option for attempting to clean a brush was using a wide tooth tail comb and going through the brush rows one at a time. Do you have the patience for that these days? Me neither. Not only is this method time-consuming and ineffective, but it also eventually ruins your comb. A brush rake was specially designed for this job and it’s good at doing it.

All you need to do is run the rake through your brush watch the hair and debris collect and then pull it off and toss it into the garbage! The rake works on all brushes made of all materials too. 

If it’s been a long time since your brush has gotten a good clean, grab your brush rake and your fave shampoo and head over to the sink for a brush bath. Apply the shampoo onto your brush rake and then run some warm water over your rake and brush. Start to rake away, applying more water when needed for a brush that’s clean and good as new. 

Not all of your brushes like to get wet through, so make sure you know if your brush can handle it before going for this deeper clean. If your brush base is made of rubber and has a hole, you’ll want to skip this and just use your rake dry instead. 

I recommend giving your brush a rake after every use, that way it never gets too bad and bathing the brushes you can monthly!

For a video tutorial on brush raking, click here


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