How to make the most of your Bridal hair consultation

How to make the most of your Bridal hair consultation

As a hairstylist, it’s always an honour to be part of someone’s wedding. I want every bride-to-be who sits in my chair to leave with hair that she’ll love as much when she walks down the aisle as when she looks back at the photos in the decades to come.

A consultation is crucial to helping you find your “I do” hairdo and working out all the kinks before the wedding bells toll.

Here are our tips on what to expect at your appointment and how to make the most of your time with your stylist.


Book your consultation at least a few months before big day

You don’t want to risk cutting it close when it comes to your hair on your wedding day, so we’d recommend scheduling your consultation sooner rather than later.

Booking a consultation about six months in advance of your wedding will give you and your stylist plenty of time to find your ideal look and make adjustments as needed.

Set aside about an hour for the appointment to give your stylist a chance to get to know you and your wedding vibe, test out a few looks and figure out a timeline for your hair trial, trim and color.


Come with inspiration, pictures and an open mind

Whether you have your heart set on a particular style or your Pinterest board is a tangle of different looks, your stylist is going to help you find your happily-ever-after hairstyle – and it may be more stunning than you even imagined.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true when it comes to hair. From magazine clippings of celebrities to your cousin’s best friend’s Instagram post, bringing images of hair inspiration is the best way to communicate your vision to your stylist.

But just because you adore another bride’s style doesn’t always mean it will always suit you. Your consultation will give you and your stylist a chance to see whether the style you have in mind looks as good in the mirror.

Even if it takes some trial and error, rest assured that there’s a head-turning hairstyle out there for you. Your stylist might be able to tweak a style to flatter your best features or suggest a gorgeous look you hadn’t even considered.


The more your stylist knows, the better

Finding the right bridal hairstyle relies on a precise alchemy. Any number of elements – from the humidity in the air, to the height of your heels – can throw this delicate balance out of whack, so it’s best to equip your stylist with as much information as possible.

Your wedding date, venue and theme will set the stage for any hairstyle you choose, so make sure your stylist has all the details about what you have planned for your big day. Season and setting, in particular, have an outsized impact on how long your look will last – some updos may not be able to take the heat of a summer outdoor wedding, while beachy waves may fall limp in the dead of winter.

Your hair is the crowning glory of your bridal ensemble, so share as much as you can about your dress, veil, shoes, makeup and jewellery to ensure your locks align with your overall look.

Another consideration that might come up in your consultation is height, both yours and your partner’s. As much as we love a short king, some men feel strongly about standing tall next to their bride (just ask Princess Diana). An elevated updo, plus a few inches in footwear, can take a bride over the top, so if height is important to you, be sure to get your groom’s actual measurements – not just the number he tells people.


Let’s talk texture

There’s one question that can often determine whether a hairstyle will work for you: What kind of hair are we working with?

Beautiful hair comes in all sorts of strands, and some styles are more suited to certain hair types than others. As a general rule, the greater the leap you’re trying to make from your natural texture, the more likely it is that your hairstyle will change as time wears on.

For example, straight-haired babes may find that their gentle waves fall flat fast, while coily-haired bombshells may see their blown-out curls spring back to form.

Come to your consultation with unstyled hair so your stylist can assess your natural texture and help you pick a style that plays up the gifts momma gave you.

Remember: it’s your stylist’s job to make you feel like the knockout you are on your wedding day. So between their expertise and your natural assets, you’re going to find that once-in-lifetime look.


Sweet wishes,

xo Morgan 



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