What’s your bride vibe?

What’s your bride vibe?

Are you a free spirit who likes to go with the flow? Are you going all out for your happily ever after, or do you prefer to keep it low-key? Do you live for cutting-edge fashion, or does your closet double as a time machine?

At Morgan Roy Beauty, we cater to all kinds of wedding esthetics – it’s a question of which one suits you best.

We’ve created a guide to help you figure out your bride vibe and find a hair accessory that’s true to your style.


Boho Beauty

You take style tips from Mother Nature herself, and you plan to take full advantage of the gifts that she gave you on your wedding day.

Never one to be hemmed in by conventions or corsets, you gravitate toward laidback, ethereal looks that speak to your inner goddess.

You’re looking for a dress that’s as effortlessly glamorous as you are, finding yourself drawn to airy, billowy fabrics or floral lace detailing.

Whether you’re letting your windswept waves loose or pulling back your locks into a messy bun, we think our bejeweled, botanically inspired All That Glitters Branch Set will add a dash of whimsy to your perfectly undone hairstyle.


Vintage Vibes

Maybe you feel like you were born in the wrong era, but you don’t need the power of time travel to borrow  from the best bridal styles of decades past.

Whether you’re channeling Grace Kelly in satin and lace, or rolling up a pair of Audrey Hepburn’s elbow-length gloves, your wedding ensemble is going to be one for the history books.

Maybe you’ve managed to thrift an authentic vintage dress, or you’re putting a modern spin on a retro style.

Whatever fashion era you’re evoking, we know you’ll have the classic coif to match. Tie it all together with our Perfect Pearl Swirl Set for a hairstyle that will stand the test of time.


Fairytale Romance

Once upon a time, there was a princess-at-heart who’d dreamed of being a bride since she was a little girl. So when she found true love’s kiss, she knew it was only a matter of time before she walked down the aisle in a dress that would put Cinderella to shame.

Your real-life love story is deeper than anything you’ll see on Disney, but that doesn't mean your wedding day has to be any less magical. 

You put the extra in extravagant, so you’re searching for a ballgown with the voluminous skirt, tulle and trimmings straight out of a storybook.

But what fairytale look would be complete without a tiara? We think you’ll look all the more enchanting in our Halo Pearl Headband fit for a modern-day royal.


Understated Elegance

You don’t need all the bells and whistles on your big day. You’re all about simple sophistication, embracing minimalist styles for maximum impact.

You lean toward clean, classic dresses with just the right dose of glamor. You get that elegance lies in the details, and all it takes is a few accents to make your sense of style shine.

We’d suggest you check out our Classic CZ Pin Set to upgrade your sleek updo with a touch of glitz.


The Modern Bride

It’s not just a wedding aisle; it’s your personal runway.

You’re up to date on all the latest bridal styles, and you’re on the hunt for a bold look that’ll set the trend for all your friends.

Make a statement with our totally trendy Perfect Pearl Duo, which will look just as stunning on your special day as when you rewear them for a night out.  




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