Musing with Energetic Herbalist, Plant Alchemist, breathwork facilitator, and artist Bo

Musing with Energetic Herbalist, Plant Alchemist,  breathwork facilitator, and artist Bo

Meet our friend Bo

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

The name of the incarnated baby which I have grown from is Bo. My pronouns are Them / They. I am an Energetic Herbalist, Plant Alchemist, a gathering/ experience curator, a breathwork facilitator, and an artist.

I am passionate about bringing folks into a deeper connection with the living world both internally and externally. In addition to the realms of plants + consciousness embodiment, 'Conscious Pleasure' is a realm I feel greatly about.

This looks like questioning and exploring what it means to live in active pleasure consciousness in my own life and as well holding community gatherings and spaces focused around expanding, exploring, and evolving this concept's actualization on earth.

I enjoy beginning each day with mediation, yoga, a beloved cold shower, and journal exercises. I also think mangos are super sexy.

Q: What beauty advice would you give your younger self?

This is a question I explore often in my relationship with my inner child and pure expression. I definitely have some words I share with my past, present, and future self.  

  1. I remind myself that society's 'beauty norms' are constructed concepts generated to profit off of one's conditioned and completely made up insecurities. And these are not only damaging to myself but also are in place to marginalize and make wrong many shapes and structures of beings, and that is not okay and not love. 
  2. I remind myself to be more like <Nature> daily. A tree does not ask itself if it is good enough or if its branches grew in a way that was beautiful. A flower does not question if its bloom is rich or if it is worthy. Nature is beyond the binary of good/bad right/wrong that humans often cling to. Nature simply drinks sun, breaths deep soil + earth, roots reaching into the earth of earth, reaches high into heaven, absorbs moon + starlight, and drinks rainwater. Nature knows that when it sinks into connection with life and the base truths of the universe, it is both held and holding. So I remind myself that I am one with nature and I am it. 
  3. A reminder I love is that I do not need to see my reflection in the world for it to be right or valid. If my needs, desires, authentic self, and expression are seen no-where around me or I have never seen anyone say or express those words or embodiments before but they are my authentic truth, they are still valid , important, and sacred. 
  4. I grew up super religious and in space were being gay was considered a sin as well as being sensuality. So, I would tell my past self that being queer is sacred and pleasure is holy. 

Q: What makes you feel the most beautiful?


How gentle it is. How fierce it is.

How it can hold you like the dew upon the petals that slowly opens with the waking glimmer of dawn.

Or cut you open raw like the waves crashing rocks into sand as they throw their body against the shore pulled by the invisible forces of the moon.

Or the way a leopard shifts from complete stillness and equilibrium into the full momentum of a hunt with such finesse and mastery. Nature is sexy and spending time with it reminds me of my own wild celestial soul.

I find the interconnected wild and yet completely balanced micros and macro cosmos of the web of life so supple, juicy, and deep that when I stop and stare into it and breathe deep into my soul, allowing the remembering that I am one with it, it moves my whole soul and fill me with ether.

These moments I know so clearly what lays beyond the binary concepts of beautiful or ugly, and I am in full knowing of peace.

And when I move through the world in this knowledge and this embodiment, I am able to look at beautiful around me not just as the moments that are neat and tidy and put together but also as the moments that are raw, rich, and dripping with possibilities of evolution.

When I am brave enough to open to all of this, I feel the most beautiful as I find there is so much more to beauty than what lays between the concept of what is ‘right or wrong’.

And of course, the sun. When I spend time with the sun, that is a lover, who knows how to provide deep nourishment.

Q: What’s your most regrettable hair choice?

Morgan’s hair magic is some kind of mastery. I have so much love and respect for Morgan and how much finesse and skill she has at her craft.

I admire how gracefully she balances honouring my strange hair desires and then meeting them with her insane hair skills.

  So, I can honestly say that every time Morgan's artistic expression graces my hairs, it’s been divine.

Previous to her magic, I definitely have had some ‘special cuts’… 

The first haircut I really didn’t like was when as a child I chose one of the ‘funky’ hair cuts from the ‘haircut book’ at the salon and the hairdresser warned me I would have to style it every day and for some reason agreed (knowing literally nothing about styling hair).

Let’s just say it was not my coolest look and I ended up looking like a chia pet.

Q: If you could have another hair look other than the one you have right now, what would it be?

At the start of quarantine I shaved my head and have been growing it out since then and it is finally long enough to work some magic with.

I am thinking of a choppy bob and I want to bleach and miss-match dye my eyebrows again. 

Q: Do you have a hair tip to share?

Have someone cut your hair who can shape + design your haircut in a way that meets how much or little time you want to spend on it each day.

And if you are craving a strange beautiful expression of body hair, don’t wait for external affirmation, just get in with it.

And make sure to carefully choose a hair dresser that has the skills to actualize your desires masterfully (i.e. Morgan and not the random lady from when I was 12 who made me look like a chia pet).

Q: What’s your fave Morgan Roy Beauty Product?

I love their paddle brush. It is super beautiful and I love the way it feels against my scalp as I brush my hair. It feels like I get a head massage every morning. And MRB bobby pins are always a good one to have on hand for braids and various hair play expressions. 



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  • Phil


    February 12, 2021

    Beautifully written picture of love, self acceptance and the connections between yourself and what is true and sacred

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