Musings with actor, model and sustainability environmentalist activist Lindura

Musings with actor, model and sustainability environmentalist activist Lindura

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I started modelling after finishing my undergrad - I wanted to do something I enjoyed, even if I was scared to do it. I really didn’t want to follow the safe path, and then look back later in life thinking “what if”, so I went for it and haven’t looked back since. Acting is the next challenge I’m tackling, and I am so excited for the opportunities that have come my way so far. My favorite thing about what I do is that I get to work on myself everyday and constantly aim to be the best I can be. In my spare time, I run the platform @plasticfreeto on IG along with my sis, and we host sustainability-related workshops and events. I love to talk about making the world a better place, and I love showcasing people and brands who are living and breathing positive change. If I could have coffee with anyone in the world, I wouldn’t be able to choose - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jacinda Ardern, Malala Yousafzai, and Beyonce are all goals.

Q: What beauty advice would you give your younger self?

  1. Beauty that comes from within will always shine the brightest!
  2. Take care of your body like you would take care of a baby - gently, giving it proper nourishment, adequate sleep, kind words, and all the love! 
  3. Love your body for all that it can do, not just all that it can look like.

Q: What makes you feel the most beautiful?

I feel the most beautiful when I am fully present. Whether that’s singing/making weird noises in the shower, skipping through the woods, dancing on set between takes, hosting a workshop, or just listening to a friend, I feel I’m at my best when I am honouring my truth in the moment!

Q: What’s your most regrettable hair choice?

Flat ironing my hair all the time in high school. The heat damage was not a vibe, plus pin straight wasn’t really my best look. It was just the only look I knew how to do.

Q: If you could have another hair look other than the one you have right now, what would it be? 

Long and curly/wavy. I miss being able to run my fingers through my hair, which is why I love experimenting with wigs!

Q: Do you have a hair tip to share?

A silk bonnet does wonders for my curly hair! The bounce and shine stays twice as long without me having to wash or refresh my hair.

Q: What’s your fave Morgan Roy Beauty Product?

The bobby pins hands down!!! Strong enough to contain all this volume and really hold my hair in place, but they also slide out super easy without catching on my curls!! They’re truly a thing of wonder and beauty, I’m obsessed. 


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